At Genesan, we pride ourselves in partnering with only the highest quality and most respected manufacturers and distributors in our industry who also share our sustainability visions.

Genesan products meet or exceed environmental sustainability standards set forth by the USDA, EPA, Green Seal, EcoLogo, EU Ecolabel, and are certified 100% CO2 Neutral.

Genesan has developed SITES, a program used to describe the five levels of our commitment to product and practice which provides a competitive advantage in today's crowded marketplace.

Product Spotlight

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Micro Dilution

The safest, most accurate and convenient dilution control system available. Simply fill a quart bottle with water, twist on one of the pre-loaded CAPS until you hear the SNAP and you're ready-to-clean...anywhere...anytime.

FMI: Go to Product Catalog tab and then click on CAPS Microdilution


Non-quaternary hospital grade disinfect/odor eliminator and mold killer.

EPA approved for spray application. Effective on both hard and soft surfaces.  Safe on food surfaces. Best applied with the Victory Electrostatic sprayer.



4/1 Gallon/Cs



CAPS Intro Video