CAPS Grease Out
Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser

Grease Out is a powerful cleaner/degreaser that can be used as either a surface cleaner on counters and desks for the removal of marker and graffiti. Can also safely remove food oils and grease in kitchens, cafeterias, etc.


Available in:

  • GEN782: Econo Pack (200 CAPS- Loose Bagged + 2 Bucket-Fill Activators)

  • GEN1010: Cartridge Pack (32/4-CAP Cartridges)

  • GEN977: Starter Pack (6/4-CAP Cartridges + 6 Bottles/Triggers)

  • GENCAPSSL38PACK: Label Pack 50 Secondary Labels #38 Grease Out

  • GEN958CASE: Imprinted Bottles 80 Quart Bottles #38 Grease Out