Part 4: Enzysan Vs. Febreeze


Part 4 of our series is here! We know we caught your attention when we put Enzysan in the ring with Febreeze to see how they stand up to each other. 

Turi Surface Solutions Laboratory at UMASS Lowell performed a controlled Odor Elimination Testing. We've included the report below so you can see the results for yourself. 

Turi concludes: 

"Based on our observed results, Enzysan was better at odor elimination than Febreeze. Enzysan was able to almost completely eliminate the milk malodor with the initial 2 sprays. Enzysan completely eliminated milk malodor within 4 sprays while Febreeze was not able to do so even after 8 sprays.

On the 4th day of observations, testing showed that Enzysan was still effective at malodor elimination but Febreeze had declined in effectiveness." 


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