Victory Innovations And The Keep Kids Healthy Campaign


Victory Innovations really knows how to offer customers true value. In 2018, they kick-started a campaign they called “Keep Kids Healthy”, where they gave away over $500K in FREE Electrostatic Handheld Sprayers to 650 School Districts across the United States. The impact of this campaign was felt throughout the entire Jan/San Industry in the U.S. and was needed, sought out, and openly welcomed as a solution to flu season after one of the hardest hitting years of Influenza the country had seen in over 10 years (

What did Victory discover?

38% of School Districts DO NOT have an Infectious Control Protocol.

Schools Identified Their Top Concerns/Challenges:

  • Increased Student Absences

  • Faculty Sick Days

  • Strain on Custodial Staffing

  • Maintenance Costs

*Image courtesy of Victory Innovations, 2019

*Image courtesy of Victory Innovations, 2019

With the staggering results of their research, Victory decided to charge forward with a new “Keep Kids Healthy” campaign for 2019. Their efforts are driven by the desire to help equip schools with tools that will effectively reduce the amount of germs and bacteria on the surfaces kids and teachers touch every single day.

You’d be surprised by the amount of bacteria on commonly used areas. Cafeteria trays average 33,800 bacteria PER INCH! Water fountains carry an average of 2,700,00 bacteria per inch. That’s a lot of germs!!

The reason why Victory’s electrostatic sprayers is such a great product for this task is because using it SAVES TIME. 80% of an average school district’s budget is labor. Time is money, money is time.

An electrostatic sprayer can apply chemicals up to 70% faster than traditional methods (spray and wipe).

*Image courtesy of Victory Innovations, 2019

*Image courtesy of Victory Innovations, 2019

So What IS The Offer For Victory’s Keep Kids Healthy 2019 Campaign?

Victory is offering:

  • 1 FREE SPRAYER for every purchase of 3 Sprayers from an Educational Facility (Daycares, K-12, Universities/Colleges, and other educational facilities).

Genesan is adding a total solution for our Distributors and Customers into this campaign.

Genesan is offering:

When a Distributor orders a “3-pack” of sprayers (VP300ES or VP200ESK) simply order either 1 FREE case of Vital Oxide (GEN993) or 2 FREE cases of Virotab (GEN1112). Offer expires October 31, 2019.

Once the school purchases their 3 Sprayers, they will need to register their purchase at . Redemptions must be submitted by Friday, November 7, 2019.

Please feel free to download the customer hand out below to help get the details of this GREAT campaign out to your schools and educational facilities.

Victory and Genesan are offering over $1200 in FREE product!!!

This offer gets your customers or your school up and running as soon as the order is received. They can immediately put an infectious control program into place and help keep their schools healthy before flu season even begins.

So get out there and help our schools KEEP KIDS HEALTHY!!!