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Thanks for scanning our QR code and visiting the Genesan website. In order to align with our mission of sustainability we have created this page to provide you with a reference to our literature and the products Harvard is currently using. Providing 24/7 digital access means less paper and less waste. Feel free to browse our website and contact us with any questions or needs.

The Genesan Sunlight Summary is our report on sustainability and carbon reduction. Click on the image to download the report.

 Product Details

Delta Ultra
Deep Cleaning & Food Degreaser

Multi-use power cleaner that removes embedded soils and food greases from kitchen surfaces and floors.  Other uses include cleaning VCT prior to recoating.  On surfaces that might contact food, a potable rinse is recommended. Green Seal Certificate.

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Dilution Ratio: 1:80 for daily mopping
                        1:32 for deep scrubbing
                        1:7 for power spray & wipe
Available in:

GEN04: 4/5L Open Loop
GEN72: 55 Gallon Drum
GEN73: 6/2L Squeeze & Pour
GEN169: 2/5L Closed Loop (no tip)
GEN212: 4/2L Closed Loop (no tip)


PolGreen Indoors
Glass & Surface Cleaner

An exceptional glass and surface cleaning concentrate for the removal of light soil from glass, mirrors, desks, counters, telephones, plastic laminates, and chrome. Green Seal Certificate.
Contains NO ammonia 


Dilution Ratio: 1:64

Available in:

  • GEN66: 4/5L Open Loop 1:64

  • GEN67: 6/2L Squeeze & Pour 1:64

  • GEN168: 2/5L Closed Loop 1:64

  • GEN213: 4/2L POD Closed Loop 1:64


Delta Mild
Daily Cleaning of Hard Floors

An environmentally preferred neutral floor cleaning concentrate that is safe for all types of resilient flooring. Autoscrubber or mop/bucket application. Green Seal Certification.

A fragrance-free version of Delta Mild is available in POD format

delta mild.jpg

Dilution Ratio: 1:256

Available in:

  • GEN64: 4/5L Open Loop 1:256

  • GEN68: 6/2L Squeeze & Pour 1:256

  • GEN95: 55 Gallon Drum 1:256

  • GEN167: 2/5L Closed Loop 1:256

  • GEN209: 4/2L Closed Loop 1:256

  • GEN225BPS: 4/2L POD Closed Loop 1:256

  • GEN809: 4/2L Fragrance Free POD Closed Loop 1:256



An alkaline, hospital grade, broad spectrum disinfectant concentrate. Fresh scent.  An excellent cleaner.


Dilution Ratio: 1:64

Available in:

  • GEN100: 4/US Gallons per Case (Closed Loop) 1:64

  • GEN217: 4/0.5 US Gallons POD (Closed Loop) 1:64



Enzysan 2000
Concentrated Biobased Cleaner & Protectant

Concentrated biobased and enzymatic cleaner/deodorizer for
the cleaning and deodorizing of restrooms and other malodorous locations. Polbio Enzysan 2000 controls odor in three ways;  a smell neutralizer, a residual scent and finally, through the action of healthy bacteria which consume the source of the odor for up to 21 days. Enzysan 2000 ECOLOGO Certification. Enzysan 2000 USDA BioPreferred Certification.


Dilution Ratio: 1:64 Bottle
                        1:128 Bucket
Available in:

  • GEN65: 6/2L Squeeze & Pour

  • GEN1201: 6/1L Squeeze & Pour

  • GEN132: 2/5L Open Loop

  • GEN170: 2/5L Closed Loop 1:64

  • GEN211: 4/2L POD Closed Loop 1:64

  • GEN224BPS: 4/2L Closed Loop


OxyPure H202
Oxygenated Surface Cleaner

A multi-purpose surface cleaning concentrate safe for glass, counters, floors, and carpeting.  Removes carpet spots.  Cleans and brightens grout lines. 


Dilution Ratio: 1:64

Available in:

  • GEN115: 4/1 Gal. Closed Loop 1:64

  • GEN221: 4/2L POD Closed Loop 1:64



PolGreen Industry 
Powerful Ecological Degreaser

Ecological degreaser for the intensive degreasing of oils, organic and mineral greases as well as the removal of stubborn tire marks. Appropriate for the cleaning of surfaces which can be in contact with food. Spray, bucket or power washing applications. No fragrance. PolGreen Industry NSF Certification. PolGreen Industry EU Ecolabel Certification.


Dilution Ratio: 1:100 Daily
                        1:20 Deep Clean
                        1:5 Restoration
Available in:

  • GEN836: 4/5L Open Loop

  • GEN846: 4/2L POD Closed Loop