Genesan, founded in 2006, is one of the leading sources of high-performance, ecological, and biotechnological cleaning products in the United States. Our mission is to be a well-managed organization defined by it's dedication to bringing only the finest cleaning products, equipment, training, and support to our distributor partners and ultimately, to their customers.  We continue to expect only the highest levels of expertise and commitment from our team of experienced cleaning professionals.


We pledge to bring to market only those products:

· Deemed superior in performance and in value
· Meet or surpass rigorous third-party environmental testing
· Proven to pose no human health risks when in use


Genesan enjoys a unique partnership with Pollet, a world leader in developing and manufacturing bio-based and biologically engineered cleaning solutions since 1788. Pollet prides themselves in continued innovations to ensure that we are able to distribute the most effective, economical, and sustainable products and practices available.  Both companies firmly believe in achieving a complete clean without compromising the health of the user, building occupants, or the environment. Genesan products have been certified bio-preferred by the USDA, the EPA, Green Seal, ECOLOGO, and EU Ecolabel, and are also included in the Mandatory Bio-Preferred Federal Purchasing product catalog. Beyond our products, Genesan has gone one step further by ensuring that the transportation of our products are certified CO2 neutral from Belgium to your facility with our participation in voluntary carbon offsetting projects worldwide. 


Genesan offers one of the highest percentages of unclassified products available within the cleaning industry.  
According to the new Global Health Standards, unclassified products are the safest available.


In addition to sustainability, our products also provide superior cleaning power.  Genesan products are used in some of the most prominent hospitals, universities, and sports arenas in the country and is the product line of choice when it comes to protecting the most highly-trafficked floor in New York City. Between commuters and tourists, this floor has up to 1 million people passing over it every single day. 

We have teamed up with the most distinguished and respected distributors around the country to provide the Genesan line of products to end users of all types and we are able to offer in-depth, customized training and support thanks to our committed and knowledgeable team members. Both play a key role in providing 100% satisfaction to those working with our products.

The Genesan value spans the entire supply chain and beyond.