PolGreen Sanitary 
Bioacidic Foaming Shower Cleaning

A unique bio-acid cleaner suitable for daily use in the cleaning of restroom fixtures, showers, locker rooms, etc. Counteracts the build-up of body oils, soap scum, mineral deposits, etc.  Acidity removes stains from porcelain and whitens grout.

Dilution Ratio: 1:64 (Bottle)
                        1:32 (Foam or Grout Cleaning)

Available in:

  • GEN175:  4/5L Open Loop
  • GEN214:  4/2L POD Closed Loop with No Tip
  • GEN236: 4/2L POD Closed Loop 1:32
  • GEN830: Shower Foam Pack w/ Foaming Trigger Unit & 2 Cases of                            GEN236

EU Ecolabel Certified