Genesan is committed to offering the most effective and sustainable products possible.  But we don't just limit our sustainability efforts to the products that we sell: our commitment is integrated into every aspect of how we conduct our business and who we conduct business with.

Working in conjunction with our partner, Pollet of Belgium, we continue to develop ecological and sustainable solutions from non-toxic and renewable sources.

Our Mission:

To be a well-managed organization defined by its dedication to bringing only the finest cleaning products, equipment, training and support to our distributor partners and ultimately, to their customers.

We will continue to expect only the highest levels of expertise and commitment from our team of experienced cleaning professionals.

We pledge to bring to market only those products:

  • Deemed superior in performance and in value
  • Meet or surpass rigorous third-party environmental testing
  • Proven to pose no human health risks when in use

We believe it’s important to document and verify our products’ efficacy, safety, and sustainable attributes. Genesan offers one of the highest percentages of unclassified products (the safest rating available using the new GHS standards) within the cleaning industry.  In addition, our products have earned third party certifications for efficacy, green chemistry, and bio-based content from numerous highly respected organizations and independent testing laboratories.

Genesan products have been certified sustainable by the USDAUL Environment, Green Seal, and EU Environment.

And Genesan ensures that all product shipments are certified CO2 neutral from our manufacturer to your warehouse door by participating in international voluntary carbon offsetting programs certified by CO2logic.  Our financial support of these programs effectively neutralizes the CO2 generated in transporting to the US those Genesan products manufactured in Europe.

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What is a bio-based product?

Bio-based products are derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials, according to the USDA.
With some exceptions, these agricultural sources generally do not contain synthetics, toxins or environmentally damaging substances. These renewable resources including soybeans, corn, flax, and jute, just to name a few, provide an alternative to conventional
petroleum-derived products and helps to alleviate the consumption of resources that harm the environment in terms of biodegradability, toxicity, and pollution.  Bio-based products come in a diverse range of offerings such as lubricants, detergents, solvents and cleaners, inks, fertilizers, and bio-plastics. 


What are the benefits of purchasing bio-based products?

Bio-based products are environmentally and economically advantageous.  Because these materials can be grown and sourced locally, the purchase of bio-based products increases economic development in Rural America by creating demand for agricultural products and bio-based products are generally less toxic to the user, building occupants, and the environment as they are inherently biodegradable.  Companies who choose to utilize renewable sources are able to avoid creating additional carbon emissions that are caused by extracting and shipping non-renewable material. 


What are the benefits of using bio-based products in your business and/or home?

Using bio-based products in your business and/or home benefits the health and safety of the product user and the building occupants.  Bio-based products have the potential to improve air quality and are particularly safe to use in small spaces due to their reduced or zero carcinogenicmutagenic,and teratogenic potentials.  These products also offer little or no hazardous fumes, potential for skin irritation, chemical burns, headaches, and nausea for those who work with them on a regular basis.