Genesan offers one of the highest percentages of unclassified products within the industry.  Under the new GHS standards, products with an unclassified rating are considered the safest.

In today's world, just cleaning something isn't enough.  Our innovation allows cleaning and protection to occur at the same time resulting in easier ways to maintain surfaces with less dependence on costly interim and restorative steps.

The engine of our innovation is our collaboration with the leading research institutes and universities which allows us to design, produce, and patent highly efficient strains of bacteria.  Once activated, these bacteria then release enzymes that allow for safer, easier, and faster cleaning.

Our products are multi-purposed and highly versatile which makes for fewer SKUs and a more streamlined approach to cleaning.  Genesan believes that less is more.  Biotechnological chemistry creates a residual cleaning action that remains active for up to 21 days, keeping restrooms clean and odor-free 24/7. 

Genesan offers one of the highest percentage of sustainable products in the industry.  Over 54% of Genesan SKUs are classified as bio-based and derived from natural sources.  Our commitment to the use of renewable chemistry and minimizing our carbon output is paramount.  

50% of our raw materials are sourced within 40 miles and 85% are sourced within a 400 mile radius of our production facility which is powered with 100% green energy.

Genesan is the only known company that is certified CO2 neutral and offsets 100% of the carbon generated in the transport of our products from our manufacturing facility to our distributors.