Vital Oxide
Non-quaternary Disinfectant/Sanitizer

Vital Oxide is a colorless, hospital grade disinfectant/food contact sanitizer and odor eliminator.  EPA-approved for spray application.  Safe for use on all hard surfaces, soft surfaces and food contact (NSF certified).

Best used with our Victory Electrostatic cordless sprayer.  Electrostatic application positively charges the disinfectant particles creating a powerful bond with the negatively charged surface being treated.  This allows for more complete disinfection than might result from traditional methods.  To learn more about the benefits of electrostatic technology,  see Applicators under the Product Catalog tab or please click this link:  Victory Sprayer

Dilution Ratio:  Disinfection:  Full Strength                                                                                         Sanitizing:  1:5 - Soft Surfaces                                                                                 Sanitizing:  1:9 - Food Contact Surfaces  

Available in:

  • GEN993: 4/1 Gallon

  • GEN1007: 2.5 Gallon Box


Listed #141392                                                                                  No Rinse Required